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    Durham Storm Report for Winter Storm “Juno”

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 10:30 AM

    Dear Members of the Community,

    Winter storm “Juno” has arrived and we estimate that 16+ inches had fallen as of 10 AM in Durham.

    By and large the storm response is going smoothly.  Most people have taken the advice of staying off of the roads. 

    A big blue pickup truck zoomed past me this morning as I turned from Canney Road onto Route 108 heading to the Town Hall.  The pickup truck driver tried to turn quickly onto the onramp to Route 4 and unfortunately … slid off into the ditch!  The driver was luckily able to back out and proceed on his way … much more slowly. 

    The conditions outdoors can be described at times as white out conditions.  If you do not have to be out of doors, please stay home and stay safe.

    Durham resident Duane Hyde sent a very nice email this morning that said,“Unbelievably, the ever reliable DPW came and got our trash!!!! Crazy.” 

    The reason we are running only one trash vehicle today is that typically we ha

    ve one person on the packer that collects trash and a second person on the recycling vehicle.  Durham is one of the few communities that collects trash in house and with one person per truck.  Unfortunately, during these blizzard conditions it is not safe to run the vehicles with only one driver so we are only running the packer today.  All other personnel are on the plow routes.  Please see more information below about today’s collection and the fact that the Transfer Station & Recycling Center is closed.

    Here is the latest report from Durham …

    Click on the header link to learn more.

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