Sanitation Division

Transfer Station and Recycling Center
100 Durham Point Road
Durham, NH 03824

Telephone: (603) 868-1001 (answering machine for off-duty hours)
Fax: (603) 868-8063

Transfer Station and Recycling Center Hours: Open to the Public from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday and Saturday (except holidays)

Personnel (date of employment):
Doug Bullen, Assistant Director for Operations (2001)
Art Nutter, Sanitation Worker IV (1989)
Chuck Dill, Sanitation Worker IV (2000)
Chris Mains, Sanitation Worker III (2013)
Bonnie McDermott, Sanitation Worker II (1998)

The Sanitation Division is responsible for the residential refuse, residential and commercial recycling collection, refuse disposal, recyclables, processing and marketing, and operation of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center on Durham Point Road.

Transfer Station and Recycling Center Permits can be acquired at the Public Works Office located at 100 Stone Quarry Drive.
Required for access to the Transfer Station and Recycling Center:

Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF) Entrance Sticker/Durham Resident/Taxpayer Permit - no charge for sticker to enter with regular household trash, recyclables and natural brush. 

  • Bulky waste coupons (required to dispose of bulky waste such as furniture, demolition debris, rugs, etc.)
    •         $10 first bulky waste coupon for the year
    •         $15 second bulky waste coupon
    •         $65 any additional coupon after the first two are purchased.
  •     Landscapers One Day Permit for Disposal of Brush and Leaves: Free of charge but we need to know the date that the permit will be used and who will be brining your debris. All brush must be no longer than five feet in length and five inches in diameter.
  •     Electronic Appliance sticker - required to dispose of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, monitors, televisions, etc: $10.00 per item.

Any Questions, please contact Public Works at 868-5578.